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AGS Aluminum Ornamental Grilles

At AGS, our Aluminum Ornamental Grilles provide a unique accent to your building while limiting visibility, providing security and concealing high traffic areas. As is true with all of our products, AGS provides customization services for your decorative grilles to allow you to achieve your desired look and feel for your project, while providing excellent ventilation. Areas include balcony railings, building facades, parking garage enclosures, as well as vision barriers.

AGS Decorative Grille Models

Commander Grille - | DWG | PDF |
Admiral Grille - | DWG | PDF |
Lieutenant Grille - | DWG | PDF |
Colonel Grille - | DWG | PDF |
Sergeant Major Grille - | DWG | PDF |
Fleet Admiral Grille - | DWG | PDF |