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AGS Architectural Light Shelves

AGS's Architectural Light Shelves are designed to help reduce the need for artificial lighting in buildings. This horizontal shelf is a high-functioning architectural element containing a highly reflective surface used to shine daylight onto the ceiling of a building's interior, allowing it to penetrate deep within the building. Due to their overhang, Light Shelves conversely provide shading near windows, thereby reducing window glare. This reduction in both glare and heat gain leads to more productive energy use and earned LEED points toward your energy-efficient building construction.

The AGS Difference

AGS's interior light shelf system is designed to attach to the horizontal mullion, so there are no bracket attachments or field assembly required. As is common with all AGS products, we provide customization options such as multiple fascias, designed to fit to your building's unique window size.

AGS Architectural Light Shelf Models

Bullet Fascia Light Shelf - | DWG | PDF |
Channel Fascia Light Shelf - | DWG | PDF |
Half Round Fascia Light Shelf - | DWG | PDF |