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Tubular Sunshades (Constellation Series)

AGS's sun control devices in the Constellation Series prevent glare, limit your building's heat gain and provide a unique look to your building's design. The brise soleil in our Constellation Series are constructed using various combinations of round and rectangular tube infills and fascias. All the outriggers, fascias and projections can be customized to fit your specifications. In addition, utilizing perforated metal panels in your sunshade design will provide superior sun protection.

Constellation Series

Cassopeia - 2-1/2" tube infill with 5" rounded fascia | DWG | PDF
Hercules - 3" tube infill with 5" rounded | DWG | PDF
Orion - 2" x 6" tube and 2" x 4" tube infill with 2-1/2" tube | DWG | PDF
Andromeda - perforated panel with 2-1/2" tube | DWG | PDF
Taurus - perforated panel, 3/8" rods infill w/ 1-3/8"x6" bull nose | DWG | PDF
Libra - 2" tube infill with 4" tube | DWG | PDF
ARA - metal panels with 5-27/32" x 2-1/2" bull nose | DWG | PDF

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AGS Sunshades Highlights
     • In-house fabrication – no field
       assembly required
               • Ease of installation in the field is
                 always a priority
               • Proper bracket spacing is
                 continually considered
     • Brackets typically released prior to
       sunshades so substrate can
       be completed
     • Bolt attachment included in front of
       sunshade to maintain alignment